Stewart EFI Finishing
Precision Finishing Specialists
Especialistas en acabado de alta precisión
Precision Finishing Specialist

Precision Metal Plating and Finishing Services

Stewart EFI Finishing, located in El Paso, Texas, is a provider of precision metal plating and finishing services. Stewart EFI Finishing prides itself on supplying high quality finishing services at its ISO 9001 registered facility to customers from across the U.S. and Mexico.
The types of electroplating and finishing services available include:
Bright Tin Plating
• Matte Tin Plating
• Immersion Tin Plating
• Nickel Plating
• Nickel Chrome Plating
• Copper Plating
• Silver Plating
• Zinc Nickel Plating
• Zinc Plating
• Chromate Coatings and Sealants
• Tumbling
• Deburring
• Cleaning
• Degreasing
• Passivation
• Bright Dip

The company’s quality system is based on the TS16949 automotive standard, to which we are registered.  To help ensure strong process control the company’s in-house lab has full capabilities to monitor bath chemistries and plating composition using atomic absorption, hull cell testing, XRF machines and chemical analysis.