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Let Stewart EFI help you localize your supply chain.
In 2003, a major manufacturer of ignition components contacted us to provide finishing services for a product line of metal stampings and zinc die castings it makes in its Upper Midwest manufacturing plant and ships to its Juarez assembly plant. Our team worked closely with the customer’s engineering staffs in the U.S. and Juarez to develop robust finishing processes which include vibratory finishing, barrel nickel plating, barrel copper plating and nickel chrome rack plating.   Today, Stewart EFI Finishing plates approximately 3 million pieces annually for this manufacturer, and has allowed them to support JIT deliveries into Juarez.

As part of a plant consolidation project, a well known Tier One automotive company decided to move its manufacturing operations from the Midwest to Juarez.  One of their product lines required two very specialized rack plating processes. They came to Stewart EFI Finishing to develop these.  Engineers from the customer’s Midwest operations and our in-house technical staff worked together for several months to install the equipment, and fine tune the process controls.  Today, our customer ships these machined and cast components from its Juarez fabrication plant to us for plating, which we then plate and return to Juarez for assembly.  Turnaround time on these components is often within 24 hours.  This has allowed our customer to successfully leverage its localization effort with reduced inventory levels, and to enjoy very close ongoing technical support for these critical components.